don’t drink & dress.


last night was fun, full of bad songs, too much booze, gigglez, something that should have upset me not really bothering me at all, & a good phone conversation that lasted until 3 a.m. these past few days have been full of love & appreciation & i need it, in the face of this scariest thing.

now i’m at work; i woke up still drunk this morning and i am feeling pretty rough. two cute lesbians were canvassing my neighborhood & talked to me & i blew them off because i was late to work. i’ve been at work for over an hour, nobody has come in, and i have hardly done anything at all. i coulda talked. they keep walking by my window overlooking butler st., & they are so hot.

aren’t i, like, so deep? my ulnar nerve is tingling & i know what this is, thanks to my carpal tunnel zine that i’m writing. isn’t it sad that “zine” comes up as a mis-spelled word? lately i have been re-reading the “how sassy changed my life” book, which i am in (check me out in the index!), and arthur said that he was in manhattan the other day & saw julia stiles walking down the street with that book in her tote bag. “somewhere, ocean, julia stiles is reading your name!” i haven’t watched any of her movies, so i don’t really care, but that is pretty funny.


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