the sanest days are mad.


my boss is in the hospital. broken leg with pins all over. i am worried about him, even though he is a tough m.f. like all arieses are, a fighter; he says he won’t retire until he’s dead and i believe him. but he’s on the southside reciting letters over the phone, i am alone in the office placating the various lawrencevillians who come in.

anyway, i have lots of interweb time. the last time he was in the hospital was at a very devastating time in my life when having lots of free time was the worst thing ever. i bought a lot of patches on etsy and filled out a lot of myspace surveys and wept in the bathroom. but now i am using this internet time for productive ends and making some good changes in my life, i think. i am doing a lot better than i was in that last post.

it’s sunny out and the soul station is playing less depressing songs than usual. i remember when the gloom first broke, it was like the most upbeat 8 hours of radio music i’ve ever heard in my life. i was dancing in the office by myself, so good. amanda and i finally put together this hammock we’ve been slowly dragging from her house to mine for six months. we lay in it and listened to iron and wine and it was perfect. the big dipper is directly above my backyard.


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