strange little days


yesterday i met a man named boxcar billy. he was old, and walking with me, and complained about these annoying dogs that bark at everyone walking down this particular alley. when i agreed he shook my hand and asked my name & said, “i’m boxcar billy.” then he paused and said, “bet you don’t see too many boxcars rolling around on the street, huh?” and that made me like him. i was borderline annoyed before.

then i watched queer as folk & went back to the post office & was denied a PO box yet AGAIN & got grumpy & read books & then tiffini & i went to the classy water steps:

in which i wore my miracle bathing suit: the top and the bottom were purchased separately, two different stores, two different brands, two different states even. yet they match perfectly and combine into the first non-frumpy bathing suit i have had in many years.

the water steps are apparently a very romantic location, as we saw not one but two hetero couples with professional photogs in tow taking pictures that seemed like they’d accompany a wedding invitation. one was a truly generic couple where the dude looked very resentful at having to do this couple-y thing, and the other was a genuinely bizarre couple where the dude was bald and the woman looked like “topanga from boy meets world”, as billy (who met us there) said. when we left, topanga and baldy were getting a romantic picture taken at…the bus shelter?!? there was also a couple who didn’t have a photographer but were just making out in a very foreplay-ish way. oh, heteros.

i hardly slept at all last night. not for good reasons, like mayhem or doin’ it, but because i just couldn’t sleep. i guess the espresso milkshake consumed at 9pm and the whiskey consumed at 11:30 didn’t help matters. i tossed, i turned, i sang that old song that goes, “last night, i couldn’t get to sleep at all (no, no)”, i heard the birds chirp and the recycling truck come and generally fretted. now i am at work & surprisingly coherant, but also mildly annoyed because there is nothing to be done & i could be sleeping.

in the hour or so that i slept, i had a dream that my poems got published on a postcard series & i was super excited, but then realized that the postcard series was bankrolled by women aglow (which is a terrible right wing xtian organization. look them up) and felt terrible.

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