plea of the office worker


i am at work, but can’t bring myself to do any, you know, work. such is the perils of having an absentee boss & hardly any co-workers, i guess. i’m going home to NY soon & i am super-excited about that.

a few days ago tiffbop was weeding her garden & found a plant growing in a crack in the wall & was going to pull it, but then decided not to because i’m always talking about how much i love the plants growing in cracks here. & it’s true, i do. they’re everywhere–sprouting out of walls, in the tiniest tiniest cracks in the sidewalk. down in my ‘hood, which still has brick roads in some parts, it’s like a lush jungle, and i love it. absolutely love it. she named it the “ocean capewell against all odds” plant, which makes me smile.

so close to being done with my zine! i am just waiting on my voter registration card, so i can get a PO box & not give my home address out to hundreds of strangers. i just have to write an outro, trim some odds & ends & then it’s copyfest 2008. look out, world. this is going to be the first zine i’ve ever done that is about something other than myself (carpal tunnel syndrome!) and i am a little surprised that i went through with it. i’ve only showed it to one person, but she really liked it, and even though i honestly don’t respect her opinion too much anymore, it was still encouraging.

i need to do more yoga, in the hopes that it will untangle this knot in my lungs. i need to drink more herbal tea and less coffee. less boozing & more writing. less pining & more hoping. more goddess dressing, less cheese & sugar. is sanity boring? does fun kill? maybe, maybe.

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  1. yo aging riot grrrl. i was like, “who the fuck is this?” when you left me a comment on my blog… a while ago. now i get it.

    i’m at the office right now! it’s stupid.
    you’re nice.
    i like your blog

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