so i lost my wallet like a goddamn dumbass this weekend. after raging about it, throwing stuff around and yelling like my stupid father, going out and getting really drunk and leaving in a huff, i have come to accept that stuff like this happens sometimes. i just went to the DMV to get a new photo i.d. card and it was oddly kind of fun. i saw a hot dyke when i walked into the state office building (who, sadly, was not going to the DMV), i saw a dirty personality-filled tandem bike chained up outside. the whole place had that slightly sweaty linoleum smell that makes me think of elementary school. that 1960’s-public-building smell. do you know what i’m talking about? it made me feel oddly comforted and safe, and i happily read zines until it was my turn. i thought i’d have to do a whole lot of bullshit to get a new card, but they just verified my info and printed me a new one. huzzah! now i’m downtown, at the library, and it’s fucking gorgeous outside. i totally would love to go to the beach right now, but i’m okay with just strolling around downtown, visiting friends at work, looking at hotties, and living life. if i hadn’t lost my wallet, i’d be stuck at the stupid TBH, and i would be missing out on today.

yesterday i went to work and received this voicemail, from one of our craziest clients, at 1 a.m.: “you people are a bunch of evil, evil people. EVIL!” i just laughed. my lawyer didn’t think it was funny, but i guess, as a lawyer, he’s used to being called evil. or maybe he knows that he is kinda evil, whereas i am relatively certain that i’m not.

the other day i was at book ’em and one of the youngest, weirdest ex-cons paused in his packing to read “curve” magazine. i guess someone had thrown it in a package or something, and it caught his eye. his jaw was hanging open and he looked fascinated as i’ve ever seen him. (this is a guy who has a tattoo of his own name on his neck, loves the southside passionately, and is always making extremely obvious comments, if that helps put him into context.) he didn’t look titillated (as curve is not really a t&a kinda mag), just completely shocked at this other world. he seemed vaguely insulted, but he also couldn’t put it down. when he finally tossed it aside, i avoided eye contact. i didn’t really want to know.


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