let the bridge you burned light yr way.


haiku about today:

“WARNING!: contaminated soil”
that girl hates me now
i was the tree. she was the
ground from which i grew.

haiku about yesterday:

“even when they’re sweaty”
excessively long
walks beat working. the sun’s out.
the city is yours.

haiku about my job:
no one’s coming in.
sad songs on radio. go
ahead. you can dance.

(in case you hadn’t guessed, my heart broke its final break today; my boss never showed up to work so i’ve been alone in the office all day; i’m trying to distract myself from the unpleasant chain of events that my life has become as of late. i need clarity, i need love, i need delicious pizza, i need satisfying hugs, i need a functional bike, i need a moving van, i need strength, i need compassion, i need feedback, i need someone to spoon with in my hammock, i need coffee that won’t make my heart race uncomfortably, i need a massage certificate, i need a new social security card, and i need some more raw homegrown zucchini. )

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  1. Have you tried pizza italia? They have an amazing white pizza with veggies that is fucking awesome. Also Mineo’s in Sq. Hill is pretty damn good as well.

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