so. i am obsessed with this thing , which is called the bonsai story generator, which turns ordinary pieces of writing into weird surrealist poetry. it’s very illuminating. just for fun while at work, i fed the last few weeks of this blog into it. here are the highlights of what came up (the original result was, like, 8 pages, and nobody wants to read that, i’m sure.

every little bit of sustaining a functional bike, i was a dorky-yet-sweet old yeller” because if they just verified my hammock & listening to my friends who are from san diego i need compassion, i was just wants drugs.” and had fun.
i was watching “the simpsons” or maybe early 90’s song “whoomp!
there was a part of the radio yesterday i think, although i could think, the kitchen or may not too bad.
i am trying to sober up, like i was brightly lit and i happily read it aloud to my boss’ lousy health, vegetable gardens.
and i know is this following convo ensued.
normal person.
in a panic searching for you.
why would i woke up there used to be a part of town.
lots of things in the other day where i guess, as i’ve ever i think she’s willing to overlook that barrier, but i spent all winter & spring waiting for an extended period of abandonment you didn’t know, is always making it beat irregularly too.
i thought that happened this neighborhood….safe?
landlady: oh, yeah!
to this day, i realized that every emotion i don’t really know anyone to complete me.
perhaps to a new photo i.d.
card and it some more than a huff, i need coffee can you people are so many times have you ever had the state office all day; i’m trying to sober up, like growth & change.
if you commit any FAO schwartz without my life has a tattoo of evil, evil whereas i don’t really recently, and we had a good people.
*speaking of elementary school.
that was thrown out fully woken up i have the satisfaction of writing, i haven’t gotten any emails that unintentionally offend people i’ve ever known.
don’t think she’s willing to overlook that barrier, but i feel that you’ve failed yr way.
cuz singlehood isn’t this weekend.
after she got it.
that i’ve been through a disease where i could hear the gospel!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i don’t really was and it sucks, all day, about that, about it made and we got home, a.
was 12 or walk by any FAO schwartz store, which, if the people i’ve ever had the satisfaction of time winter break, no this used to be surrounded by all this other world.
he was crying hysterically, so many reasons to stay: easy life, cheap massage certificate, i lost my heart feel like my abusers to be a tattoo of other things, like how you know what on a nice day, where the families paused in was gentrifying rapidly, & we left, but i have is subject of barbie dolls came home dressed like the reason why would i had more and i happily read me this intense man host, wishing people they just wants drugs.” and one of a computer, bangin out fully decorated, as thomas builds-the-fire or, i blew bubbles that i could have i packed and hustled me at how much i need a hot dyke when i am relatively certain that i’ve rarely heard: “NONE OF YOU PEOPLE GIVE A SHIT!
I’M DYING AND NONE OF YOU JUST WALK ON BY!!” i lost my dick!’, and minneapolis for that yet.
he just wants drugs.” and began hanging out with a cardboard sign saying what i finish this year has a disease cuz friendships aren’t just yet.
i knew she got off and began another unremarkable night and i happily read it aloud to not have been all day, about the most of my boss’ lousy health, vegetable gardens.
and it sucks, all i can feel that wasn’t completely utterly lied to.
my skin crawling ironically, i needed to florida to the city to do you always making extremely obvious comments, if i hadn’t lost my wallet, i’d be surrounded by my landlady is fucking johns.
they exchanged a panic searching for you.
why do you commit any crimes here, you put that sitting at the dying giant piano keys and living life.
if you commit any emails in their drunkenness that makes you didn’t.
dude: have a space where a gigantic three-story clock sang a sobering realization.
and yelling like how you and that stuff like why would have enjoyed, even matter.
lately the universe has a tattoo of clarity and he looked fascinated as i’ve ever ”this is really important, & something else, totally unrelated, that was thrown in the kitchen or fifteen people when i do remember a single thing about how she has a two-year commitment to pittsburgh.
it’s something i would have enjoyed, even though i totally would i want to do, provided i was at book ‘em, the satisfaction of evil, evil whereas i need coffee that won’t make my heart broke its bringing up somehow.
& the whole skilletful, except for you.
the great early 2004, before all the hell i am rather dry.
i thought that helps put them in “and he is holding] oh, it’s SO GOOD.
you only hear the slight noise & all good.
i was just beginning to do tourist-y stuff.
we were driving down the other day where i didn’t want to see his family to my skool, read blogs of amazing writing i cracked page 100 on my heart feel like the office we left, but i’ve already forgotten it.
oh, my hair.
like, what that’s what i mean?
me: [smiles, walks towards oakland.
we went to fall in love with each other kidz in my soon-to-be-former neighborhood, and i think is really important, & something similar to listen to tell her.
oh, i was around gaily, where cute toys smiled at that angsty teen stage, which sound gross but there was over, but i guess, as if the cold, gritty streets of fun.
i say depths.

[and on and on and on. i deleted about 90% of what came out.]


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