adventures in housepacking.


yesterday while packing, i picked up arthur’s bed because it was taking up too much room, so i could lay it on its side and have that space for boxes. i was horrified to find a dead mouse, its fur chewed off in patches. weirdly, it didn’t smell bad at all. i went downstairs, got an old bread bag, and went to pick up the mouse. i had forgotten how stiff dead things are; its claw went through the bag and poked me and my body shuddered fully and i was genuinely scared in a way i haven’t been in a long time. it seems silly to be scared of a dead mouse, but i was.

right now i’m at the library sitting next to the card catologue, which has computers smushed up against it. i can see a few drawers, though, and for some reason the subject headings are funny to me. “o-paddle” (sounds like a new nickname) “pittsburgh-privy” is another good one. “privy” is such a hilarious old-fashioned word, from a more genteel era where bathrooms needed to be alluded to, if mentioned at all.

i have more to say but some library-talkers are working my last nerve, so there you go.


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