can’t hold me down, i’ve got to keep on moving


today i bought a clothesline for my new backyard at family dollar. there was a warning label on it: “this clothesline is not intended to be used in ways that might damage your health.” like, hanging yourself? auto-erotic-asphyxiation? the brand name for this particular clothesline was “family values”. shudder.

moving day was, weirdly, so much fun. it involved most of my pittsburgh favorites, and we all sweated and grunted and moved and then when we were done we lined up in height order in front of the u-haul. aaryn wanted us to hold each other like we were at the prom, and then pino drove up as we were taking the picture, yelling, “oh, it looks like i arrived just in fucking time!”

and then we went to my house and everyone liked it and then we got all the furniture in with a minimum of mishaps (except for my endless girly scream) and then lounged around eating pizza and giggling. and then back to my house for the mattress & the furniture going to the faggots. eric, aaryn & i rode in the cargo part of the u-haul, and it was oddly hilarious. the door kept blowing open and we made all manner of inappropriate jokes that i won’t repeat here.

and then we all went to shea’s grandma’s house for swimming. literally 30 seconds after the straight men went home, me and monica hurled our bathing suits off & pretty soon everyone was frolicking naked. playing volleyball, jumping off the diving board, making out (not me, but other people), etc. it was a really good ending to a hot sweaty day. life sure does take you places, huh?


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