peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from god


yesterday sucked, but there were a lot of really funny, interesting people roaming the streets to keep me entertained. perhaps the best of them was this old woman in my ex-neighborhood who i am obsessed with. last fall, arthur and i squealed with delight every time we saw her: this old lady, tiny frail and limping down the street, wearing a leather jacket with a smiling skull & crossbones painted on the back. above the skull, in ham-handed lettering, it said “DON’T MESS!” we loved her. LOVED HER. arthur once said, “i’d buy her anything she wanted, but i bet that would just be a carton of cigarettes and a bottle of gin.”

anyway, i haven’t seen her in a long time. but yesterday, i was riding my bike to my old house for three and a half hours of extremely frustrating cleaning, and i nearly hit an old woman who was wandering aimlessly in the middle of the road. imagine my shock when i realized it was her! instead of the leather jacket, she was wearing an oversized purple sweat shirt. upon closer inspection, i realized that she had the same logo as the leather jacket, but this time it was EMBROIDERED on the sweatshirt! with pink embroidery floss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i nearly died of happiness and astonishment at the strangeness of humanity.

then, at the waterworks b&n, two teen girls wearing hijab pushed me out of the way at the gay&lesbian section so they could get to the lesbian books faster! and then started devouring them hungrily. they couldn’t have been any older than 14. i was so excited by their enthusiasm and gayness that i wasn’t even mad that they jostled me.

on the bus back, this sassy fat teenage girl with ratted hair and lots of piercings, dressed all in hot pink, sat in front of me. she got off in sharpsburg (poor kid) but she was a welcome splash of color in the usually dreary 91A.

when i got home i decorated for a while & felt good & happy & at home. then my dad called me, extremely drunk, and said, “am i bothering you? are ya in the hot tub?” i said, “i don’t have a hot tub.” he said, “c’mon! why the hell not?’


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