so fuck the rules that make me yrs


ugh, i think i just got bike grease in my itchy old eye. anyway, i don’t really feel like updating right now but i just wanted to write down some of the least-true-ness that has happened as of late.

last weekend (which was a very long weekend, but you know) i found out two old friends of mine are having a baby together at the end of november, i had an extremely drunk trans lady say to me and ali, “the three of us should get naked and cuddle sometime!”, i had that same extremely drunk trans lady tell me, “on my home planet, you’d be the queen!”, i discussed the most unintentionally hilarious website ever in a hot tub with two queers, i slid down many a water slide with those same two queers, i met one of my old riot grrrl penpals from when i was fourteen and danced to her band, i ate delicious thai food and drank milkshakes (not at the same time! siiick), i thought i would have a heart attack but didn’t, and i finished cleaning out cotton way. i left my key on the counter. good-bye, old house. now that i’m done with that place i feel so free. i feel like new year’s eve is finally fucking over, because i don’t have to deal with repercussions from that night on a daily basis anymore. this house is mine, it’s only been mine, and it will only be mine until i move out. that’s a really good feeling. up the spinsters!


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  1. hey, that alley is only a block long, must be right by me. does this have anything to do with the next post? did someone break in? or was it a personal issue that wouldn’t affect anyone else?

    this area is weird. some cool people and then some weird ones. business owners and nice people, and then yinzers and lawrenceville united racists. interesting mix.

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