hi internet, i’d just like to tell you…


…that the other day i was riding in oakland (which is a neighborhood in pittsburgh, not oakland ca) and i saw what may be the funniest bumper sticker i’ve ever seen in my life! it said, “jesus would have used his turn signals.” ha! i nearly fell off my damn bike. okay, not really, but i appreciated this bumper sticker thoroughly and laughed out loud, etc.

yesterday was really good too, even though i couldn’t get my learner’s permit because pennDOT is fulla classist jerks. (did you know that “classist”, according to spell check, is not a word?) but me & branden & aaryn managed to cobble together a fun day anyway. we went to a bizarre taco bell where everyone was totally silent and sad. “why is nobody eating anything?” asked branden, and i turned to see a whole crowd of sad, silent people just waiting for food. like, a whole ton of them! we were all loud & giggly & i think it was freaking people out. i felt like i’d stepped into a creepy parallel universe. i’m not really explaining it right. and then we went to target and i successfully kidnapped a sad, lonely cowboy hat. it was a misfit hat, hanging out amongst golf-y hats and baseball hats. i put it on my head and it became a part of me. together we casually sauntered out the door, to a new beginning.

there is something so nice about laying in bed, listening to the radio and the rain on the roof, and having the DJ play multiple songs about rain, and you know they’re somewhere in pittsburgh listening to the rain too. i can’t even explain it.


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  1. I know, it felt like they were all staring at us, or, like, when I was on speed I always thought people were staring at me. Actually, I think they were. I probably was acting weird. Regardless I’m glad I had reinforcement in the fact that they were acting strangely as a group. btw did you know that a delusion cannot be experienced by more than one person, as a group it’s a belief.

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