throw those tomatoes in the blender & make some soup.


hi, i’ve got a very expensive heart monitor around my neck & i’m under medical orders to drink coffee again. hurray! my journey back to caffeine-land is not as glorious as i’d expected, but i am a much better typist now. my synapses are connected! or something. my heart isn’t racing or hurting at all now that it’s being monitored, of course. maybe all the herbs i’ve been taking have actually gotten my problem under control? or maybe my heart is like that damn frog in that old warner brothers’ cartoon, dancing and singing when that one guy is in the room and sitting there and saying “ribbit” with everyone else. anyway, it’s nice to be feeling better.

this weekend saw nearly all of my fave pittsburgh people at my house, watching “my so-called life” and cooking and (platonically) spooning in the hammock and reading wacky prisoner letters out loud and laughing our gay asses off. super! duper! and me & branden & aaryn & pino all went for a late-night bike ride, and everyone knows those are the best kind. i took them to this spot an ex-friend showed me, down by the water, where you can stand close enough to the river to touch it. we looked at the lights of downtown & had one of those moments that you remember later on, when you look back at a certain period of yr life.

i am so stressed out about money! yesterday i interviewed for a job that would net me about $60 per week after taxes. i’m up against tremendous competition, they’re interviewing at least 20 other people, and i don’t think i’m gonna get it. $60 a week, people! the competition is that stiff for sixty fucking dollars per week! but that would make a huge diff in my life, so keep yr fingers crossed for me, and for everyone. this desperate looking middle-aged woman wearing cheap gaudy jewelery just came into my job. “are yinz hiring?” she asked. “I’m just going up and down, asking in every single shop on butler street.” i apologized and wished her good luck. what else can ya do.


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  1. HA HA we had a guy so desperate yesterday that he came into work, filled out an application then stole two cartons of cigarettes and walked out the door. Seriously though, these are tough times I wish you all the luck. You should come our way and apply….just don’t steal when you do!!

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