admit! admit! your shit!


…or is that song lyric “admit YOU’RE shit”? who knows, it could be read both ways. it’s gorgeous out and i just got back from a job interview in the strip district for some shitty corporate job. the interview wasn’t a total bomb, but i’m pretty sure i didn’t get it, which is weird, because this job is mad shitty & you’d think they’d be desperate for peeps. oh well. it woulda been my ship coming in money-wise but it would have ruined my whole life time-wise, and even though i’m edging towards broke and perhaps should be a lil’ more of a groan-up, i really don’t want to give up any of my free time.

in other news, i would like to announce that i have, on FOUR separate occasions in the last three weeks, ridden my bike through dog shit! FOUR TIMES! i have been a commuter biker for 8 years and this has never happened to me. it’s even more frustrating because i loathe dogs so much. and what’s even more frustrating than THAT is the endless stream of people who judge me because i hate dogs. like, i spend a lot of my time trying to make the world a better place and i am generally a nice person, but no! wait! all of a sudden i am a horrible cruel heartless asshole; because i don’t enjoy being woken up by the most annoying noise on the planet, because i don’t like getting shit all over my shoes and bike tires, because i don’t like animals i don’t know shoving their noses in my crotch. seriously, people! i can not like dogs and still be a good person! really, i can. really, what companion animal i prefer says absolutely nothing about who i am as a person, despite what anyone may think.

that said, i do genuinely like this dog and think she is very nice and well-behaved. also, monica’s puppy (really, jessie’s puppy) was cute too. that said, i only have six minutes left on the library computer and it’s gorgeous out. GORGEOUS. so i am off to do better things! i wish i had someone to play in the leaves at arsenal park with. but my mp3 playa (thanks branden!) & the long slow walk down butler street ain’t too shabby, either

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