yeah, a tunnel from my window to yours


last weekend a super cute boy from my past drove all the way from baltimore to hang out with me. and we had adventures–looking for the haunted stacks at the library with amanda, making out on the pool table at the blue moon, driving around listening to bruce springsteen in the sunshine. sweet times, and just what i needed. queer boys are so much better than straight boys in every imaginable way; and queer boys who genuinely like the ladiez are rare jewels (although i guess queer tranny boys who also like ladies aren’t so uncommon, but still–hooray!!)

my tomato plants are going to be dead soon & the thought of going back to gross supermarket tomatoes saddens me. but oh well. and my hammock has a gigantic canyon-esque hole in it so i can only lay on it sideways. winter’s a-comin’, and i’ve got a squash on my kitchen table the size (and shape, kinda) of a cute infant. it’s cute because it’s quiet, and because it’s a vegetable, and because it came straight to my doorstep from a farm in the maryland boonies. i’m not really sure what to do with this squash besides wrap it in a blanket and coo at it inanely. pies? casseroles? i don’t know, dude, i don’t know!!

i have a fancy computer for the first time in my life (a cast-off from my lil’ bro) and it has seriously warped my mind. and i don’t even have the internet! just itunes! just uploading all of my muzak & listening to the surprisingly good shit my brother left on there has warped my little mind! wipe my fevered brow, please!

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