& so you’ve set your charm on stun


wow, what a great day. i spent my morning grantwriting for social justice, and meeting up with the better half of team grantwriting to edit, revise, encourage. then i did some more work at the library, rode home in the gorgeous fucking weather, ran into pino, talked and laughed, voted, received a very ego-inflating text message, sped my ass home for a shower and then back up the hill to oakland for a job interview, got the job (!), and had the following conversation on fifth ave:

straight dude:here, take this! vote for obama! (hands me a generic sticker)
me: oh, that’s okay. i already voted.
chubby sassy black gay dude: here, take this! (hands me a rainbow “pride for obama” sticker, which i begin to put on my hoodie.
straight dude:no! wait! you don’t want that sticker!
me: oh yeah? why don’t i?
straight dude:because…uhh…because…you just don’t, trust me.
me:but i’m gay!
straight dude: really! what? wow, i had no idea!!
chubby sassy black gay dude: oh, come on.

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