who needs a short-term memory when you’ve got a blog?


quick, quick, before i forget: today i was riding to work, late as usual, when i heard this following conversational gem from a white middle-aged rough-looking man in my neighborhood, on keystone street, yelling into his cell phone: “naw, fucker, i don’t do that! [pause.] i give you an exclusive invitation to my fuckin’ body, and you say, ‘oh, i don’t know, maybe later’??! naw, i don’t do that…” and then his voice faded away as i headed out of the 10th ward and into the 9th.
i have realized lately that i have no memory. last night ali asked me to tell a hilarious story (the one about the woman at donny’s hitting on me by rubbing a glowstick between my breasts) and i could hardly remember it at all. also, i got a myspace comment from a long-lost friend thanking me for the zine. but i have no recollection of having her address or sending her a zine!!!!!! this is scary. also, ali asked me if i remembered talking about something with her at dinner, and i said, “kinda?” and then she jokingly said, “you remember having dinner with me, right?” only to be met by a terrified blank stare. after what felt like minutes i said, “oh…..yeah…..at that, um, soup place, right?” i was referring to her girlfriend colleen’s house, and a super-fun dinner party that i loved, where colleen made three types of delicious soup and lots of hilarious conversation was had. but where did it go? where is it going, and why is this happening?
okay, that dinner party was four days ago. for most people, four days is four days. for me, it is a lifetime. my worldview has changed significantly since that day, i have had many changes just like i do every single day. it’s okay, it’s not a bad thing.
i went to an amazing show last night. i love pittsburgh, because someone (okay, it was etta) screamed “I LOVE THE LIBRARY!” between shows. it wasn’t totally random, as a library reference was being made, but it still warmed my jaded little fucking heart.
so much more to say! but i’m at work and i need to type some powers of attorney before my boss gets in. oh, speaking of my boss, i would like to write down a hilarious boss quote before i forget that too. it was from last friday, twenty millenia ago, when i poured some coffee into a hot chocolate packet (yes, i’m back on the bean again. loving it!) that had little marshmallows floating around. my boss peered into my cup. “marshmallows!” he exclaimed. then he turned to his driver and said, in a voice that was awed and rueful all at once, “at least she knows how to live the good life!”

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