if you like it then you shoulda told us previously


(the subject heading for this entry is stolen from my friends claire & stephanie’s hilarious modification to the hook of the beyonce song “single ladies”)

whoa! i feel like this weekend i ran into lots of peeps i haven’t seen in a while, and they were like, “so, what’s up?” and i was all, “aah, nothing” and they looked at me like i am boring or something, when the truth is “aah, nothing” is my code word for “OMG like so many things are going on in my heart and mind and life and i haven’t found the words yet to describe them, even though i spend my whole life, like, trying to perfectly define my experience via the english language i am, like, dumbfounded because my life is so wild.”

but is it really? i guess so. i guess every day is an adventure, and even the boring ones have at least something to be learned from. yesterday sucked and i was in a very grumpy mood. at book ’em, we’ve taken to checking the packages before we send them out, to ensure that the address is right & that that inmate is still in prison, so we don’t waste $$ on returns. this involves typing their DOC numbers into their state’s prison website. some prison websites have photos, some don’t.
i was doing this task at book ’em yesterday, and i entered this arkansas dude’s number in there. up popped a picture of this guy that looked so evil; a chill went down my spine. even though i’ve only been checking packages for a short time, you can tell by someone’s mug shot when they’re in there for murder. they have a different look in their eyes than the robbers, the arsonists, the drug dealers. this guy was in there for murder.
a list of his tattoos revealed that he is a nazi. swastikas on his thighs, white power crosses on his shoulder, a whole bunch everywhere. fifty tattoos, they inventory each one. i know the person who did this package; he’s very dear to me. he’s also jewish. i was tempted to write “a jew sent you these books!” on the outside but felt it wouldn’t be a good idea.
& this is just five minutes of the whirlwind, just five minutes.

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