ten things for posterity


cuz i have no short-term memory.

1) some book ’em volunteer who i’ve never met or known died & her husband wrote us a check from her estate account for $5,000! which is over half our yearly operating budget!!!!!!!!!! those of you who know me in my day-to-day life know how stressed out book ’em’s financial situation has left me, and this is amazing fucking news! i am so stoked.

2) if i die suddenly, plz donate money to prison book programs instead of buying me flowers, or do it on my birthday or death anniversary. i speak from personal experience when i say that it does make you feel a little better, donating money to groups that carry on yr dead pal’s vision for a better world. if i die suddenly because i got hit by a car, please donate money to bike advocacy groups like bikepgh or times up! nyc.

3) today my boss took me to lunch & we were talking about our origins. i said my family is originally from the bronx but moved to long island around the time that a whole bunch of other working-class white people were fleeing the bronx (i.e. the 1950’s). my boss said, in a faraway voice, “i went to the bronx when i was a little boy. we went to the zoo…to see the penguins…” (he’s 78.) he got quiet for a while and when i looked at him i noticed there were tears in his eyes. it was an oddly beautiful, poignant moment.

4) his daughter, however, remains a fucking bitch, and i was sorely tempted to key her motherfucking lexus today. but i shan’t get into that.

5) why does obama think that an economic stimulus plan is a good idea? why does anyone? it clearly doesn’t work (although i would certainly love a spare couple hundred bucks, duh)

6) out of all the upcoming things i have to be excited about this month, the thing i am most excited about is watching “home alone” with my siblings, and hearing my brother say, “santy claus don’t visit the funeral home, little buddy!” in that truly deranged way. don’t let me down, sibs!

7) i think i may be falling into a girl-shaped trap. if you know what i mean. complications may ensue.

8. i haven’t done a damn thing for christmas, and what’s more is that i don’t care.

9) at this time next week, barring any disasters, i’ll be in new york! it’ll be christmas eve! i cannot believe that this year is over, how crazy it’s been, how drastically fucking different my life is from a year ago, and any other number of things.

10) the khia song “my neck, my back” has been stuck in my head all day, which is a hilarious song to be playing in your mind while you’re hard at work at a law firm. even if it is, you know, the weirdest law firm in the world. it’s still not work appropriate! even though nobody knows it’s stuck in my head besides me.

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