my dad’s wife no longer even tries to conceal the fact that she hates us. i baked muffins & burned them & laughed like a psychopath, laying on the floor. nobody saw me except for jill and she thought it was funny. this house seriously has already driven me crazy! i wrote an intense entry but i made it private because i’m tired of going there. i’m tired of a lot of things. but i don’t want to talk about it.
my sister & i just got giggly watching old my little pony cartoons mixed to songs like “you can’t touch this” and “i’m too sexy” on youtube. peepz seriously have too much time on their hands! then jill got depressed because it looked like the ponies were having too much fun & we aren’t. she has a point.
so much more to say but time to go to my mom’s house and be awkward with her new boyfriend. the pope said that gays and trannies are bringing about the apocalypse, so i think i will pointedly not go to church this year. that’ll show him!

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