& finally


i have been complaining for the last few days about how it doesn’t feel like new year’s eve (or new year’s eve eve, as it was yesterday). but all of a sudden, about ten minutes ago, it finally felt right. i was in my local dingy bar of a post office, in the slanting afternoon sunlight after a day of heavy snow. the weakerthans song “sun in an empty room” was on my headphones & it’s a good new year’s eve song, layered in bittersweet finality. one postal worker came in and said, “i can’t believe yinz ain’t closing early!” and the bitter postal clerk said, “yeah, it’s because they’re a bunch of idiots. but i don’t care, i don’t gotta use any vacation time, so they’re doing me a favor. those moronic idiotic imbeciles, they’re doing me a favor!” and it was something about the way the other guy laughed in response; bitter yet oddly sweet and hopeful. i don’t know.

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