new year’s eve & day were strange & magical. the bar was set pretty low after last year’s life-ruining drama-fest, but by anyone’s standards it was still pretty fucking good.

_____ came to visit & at 11:45 we set out for an abandoned industrial wasteland by my house with good graffiti. it was only fifteen degrees out, but we lit sparklers
and when midnight came i didn’t even notice.

and then when the cold started getting unbearable we wandered over to the blue moon in search of my BFF’s. they had abandoned ship long ago, but we did meet this incredible drunk gay man:
who initially started talking to us because we were hovering around the free buffet (all gross meat.) “don’t eat that! it’ll give you the worst gas!” he implored about the kielbasa/sauerkraut combo, which he’s eating in the pic. (he also referred to it as “little dicks with white pubes” !!) i did not photo-direct this picture at all, it’s what he automatically did when i asked to take a picture of him.
also, me and ___ were taking pictures in the corner & he said, “yinz have great chemistry! i’ve been in the film industry for years and i know great chemistry when i see it. you should be in a play or a movie together. don’t let that go to waste!” at which point we kinda snickered.

then this wacky dude went to attend to his lover, who was passed out on the bar & snotting all over. sweatered dude held his lover tenderly and said, “my partner is my best friend. isn’t that cool?” stroking his lover’s hair, even though he [the lover, not our new BFF] was so drunk he could not sit up, “there’s so few of us out there, and when you find someone beautiful, you need to hold on to them.” now: my dad is an alcoholic & my stepdad was a drug addict. i completely do not romanticize any aspect of chemical dependency, the families it destroys, the lives it ruins. but this statement, made in that particular moment in time, was more sweet than depressing. very poignant. it’s hard to convey.
i stole ray a cigarette & we met more bizarre old men (not pictured) while asking for a light. the bizarre old men were flocking to _____ cuz he looks like such a cute little faggot.

and then we left & our be-sweatered friend hugged us both & said he could tell that we were both going to have an excellent 2009.
& the new year’s hat wound up on a steer at the manger down the street from my house…

and i have another event to share that happened less than 24 hours later, involving five of my favorite people, my kitchen floor, and two 90’s-dance-song-themed mix cd’s. but! i think i will stop here for now cuz this post has taken hours to do (not hours of continuous work, but hours of minutes-snatched-when-the-boss-is-distracted work, plus battling with the office’s slow-ass dsl) and the sun is sinking and i’d like to get home before it’s totally dark. xo!

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