some bizarre things from the universe


1. i came across this amazing picture while wasting time at work today:

nobody would appreciate this picture like ex-BFF would, so it makes me miss him.

2. i heard on the radio that our esteemed mayor, luke ravenstahl, is temporarily changing his name to “luke steeler-stahl” in light of the steelers vs. ravens game this weekend. i love pittsburgh, but sometimes i wonder what the fuck is wrong with everyone.

3. i was watching the news yesterday & the leading story was that it’s really cold out, followed by some steelers chatter, then more cold, then more steelers. see the last sentence of item #2.

4. the news also had this story about local high school girls who are texting nude pics of themselves to local high school boys. a news-anchor said solemnly, “as the chief of police says, nothing good can ever come of taking a naked picture of yourself.” i disagree with this statement vehemently, but it was funny to hear on the news.

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