RIP jonathan h., 1983-2009.


i played the one song i have by xtina on my ipod, on the bus, in your honor. i looked out the grimy window and was sad that the world has lost yr aesthetics & hilarity. i haven’t seen you in five years and honestly i probably never would have seen you again if you’d lived to be a hundred, but i had a lot of fun with you when i knew you & i hope you are in some sort of amazing well-decorated faggot heaven. goodnight, christina faguilera.


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  1. You just summed up what I was feeling quite a bit. Thank you.

    I can’t help but think of the first night I met you at the Lavender Luau, which was immediately followed by going to G-2-2 and hanging out with him, Steven, and George, among others. We were drawing in a funny book they had. I think that was the night I felt like I belonged at Purchase. Corny, but true.

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