three reasons why my job rulez


1. yesterday, i saw a mouse run across the floor & i screamed. my boss asked what was wrong and i told him about the mouse. he pondered that for a moment, and then said, in a truly hopeful and inspired voice that i cannot replicate via text on the internet: “great! let’s have it for lunch!” (for those of you not in the know, my boss is 78, extremely eccentric, and growing more bizarre by the day.)

2. there is one half of the basement i usually don’t go into, as it contains files from 1955-1980 and we usually don’t need those. but one day last month we did & i was confronted with this gem:

3. we have a new client who is crazy. okay, they’re all crazy, but this one especially so. whenever i call him, i’m not allowed to use his real name. i have to call him “mountain man” (because he lives on a mountain!). when i asked him why i have to do this, he said, “let’s keep them guessing, okay?” without saying who “them” might be. anyway, today he showed up for his appointment an hour early & proceeded to take a nap in the waiting room. he was woken up by my boss, coming back from lunch, shouting, “what the hell’s going on here?!!?” to which he replied, “mountain man’s taking a lil’ nap,”. my boss sniffed, “this isn’t a hotel!”

[in case you can’t tell i had 2 cupz of office coffee even though i really shouldn’t thanks to my heart. caffeine + anticipation making my toes curly against my shoes. it’s so bright outside.]

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  1. i could probably email you, but communicating through blog comments seems more difficult, public, and therefore more rewarding… are you available for me to visit you around the last week in june???


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