sweet strange things.


yesterday i went to the east end community thrift store for some frenzied pre-night-shift thrift shopping. while i was locking up my bike i saw a cardboard box on the curb, with a bunch of trash. it was empty, and written in imposing black letters on the top it said: “BILL. DO NOT OPEN THIS. I WILL KICK YOUR ASS. DONNA.” i am writing about this mainly because i didn’t have my camera, and i want to remember it. it was so interesting for some reason.

also, last week i had a very sweet interaction with my favorite crossing guard in lawrenceville. i love this woman. she’s so relentlessly positive, but not in a fake, annoying way. she works the corner near my lawrenceville job/ex-house, so i’ve been seeing her often for a long time now. she’ll say hi to me and yell things like, “i just can’t wait to go home and curl up with a good book! and some tea! that’s all i need.”
anyway, i was waiting at the light, about to climb up a hill to oakland and my stupid night job. she said, “where are you going on that thing, anyway?” i said, “oakland.” she was shocked and said, “all the way to oakland! on a bike! wow, i could never do that.” (oakland is about 2.5 miles away from that particular spot) then she declared, “you’re my heroine!” i yelled, “no, you’re my heroine!” she looked a little confused by that, and the light changed so i didn’t have time to explain that she’s my heroine because she is genuinely nice to everyone, how she stands out on that cold corner and doesn’t bitch and moan about it, how she is a beacon of positive energy in this sometimes relentlessly depressing city. so instead, i just said, “high five?” and slapped her five as i headed up the long, steep hill.

p.s. in accordance with the title of this blog post, i have a lot of other sweet things going on in my life right now, but i’m feeling strangely tightlipped about them, both on the internet & IRL. i’m not talking about them on the internet because i am superstitious about certain things & petrified of jinxing them. i don’t talk about them in real life because i can’t think of a single person i know who would really be all that interested, and that makes me a little sad.

p.p.s. i am hungry. i recently learned that curried lentils mixed with macaroni & peas is fucking delicious! on the more high-end scale o’ things, i had a fresh mozzerella sandwich the other day and it was so fucking delicious i can hardly think of anything else.


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