may i just take advantage of this public forum to shout that the series finale of “the L word” was the STUPIDEST thing ever? i don’t know why i expected anything else, after literally years of the stupidest show ever, but it REALLY surprised me how fucking stupid it turned out to be. like, jawdroppingly so.

in other news, i am at work and really pissed off about nearly everything in my life. i checked my myspace horoscope for today and the first two sentences were, literally, “All good things must come to an end. The party is over.” Yikes!! how alarming. but, i knew this was coming.

i’m really pissed off at my boss’ exploitation of me; writing and reading blogs on company time makes me feel a little better (so does copying zines & doing book ’em work), but does it really change anything? no. capitalism still has me in a chokehold (a rather privileged chokehold, due to my white skin & college degree & fairly not-too-bad-in-the-grand-scheme-of-things job, but a chokehold nonetheless) & my boss still makes $200 per hour and i make $11. there is absolutely no need for this enormous disparity, yet, it exists. yet, there is really not shit i can do about it.

yesterday at book ’em an ex-con read a letter and exclaimed, “look! this guy wants stuff on gangSTERS and gangSTAS!” i thought that’s what the guy requested specifically, which is funny enough, but he actually wanted biographies of several gangsters, plus master P. how random.

later in the day, the guy who exclaimed got into his life’s story, about being a homeless crack addict and living in the woods, about being rejected from rehab because he lived in the woods and didn’t have a job, about robbing a bank and doing everything he possibly could to get caught because he wanted to be away from crack, and not getting caught and smoking lots of crack with the money he’d stolen and then robbing another bank and getting 4 and a half years in the federal pen. this dude is a jovial white guy who i thought was in there for bad checks or maybe a few dui’s or something. people are so intense!


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  1. God it was terrible, but there was some part of me that was almost sad that Jenny was dead, mostly because there were implications that she killed herself–i.e. Shane breaking up with her, and Bette’s intimidation of her. Anyway, the runway walk to the police precinct was laughable and totally incomprehensible. Don’t do anything like that in your novel.

    P.S. student loans are the new indentured servitude, pass it on.

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