i would just like to announce that, thanks to the magic of the wordpress stats tracker, i have learned that people have found this site by googling the following things: “dancing naked on a bar”, “gayz”, “kastoory” (the name of one of my BFF’s back in new york, probably googling herself. hey girl!), “the future frightens me”, “tape loops for therapy”, “‘hugz for free’ shirt” and “gayz feet video.” wow!
i would also like to announce that literally every street in pittsburgh that i ride my bike down is covered in broken glass. like, literally every one. i’ve covered a decent amount of ground this week–bloomfield, garfield, squirrel hill, oakland and of course good old lawrenceville–and everywhere i go i navigate my tires delicately over a constellation of broken glass. it’s really pretty, but also really nerve-wracking, cuz i really don’t feel like replacing my tires again. i just replaced the back one last spring! and that’s silly to replace them so soon.
i would also like to announce that yesterday, while miserably sitting at a cubicle at job #2 calling people who don’t want to talk to me, i had the revelation that the reason why both my jobs are sucking so hard lately is because it’s the universe kicking my ass & reminding me not to get complacent in my current life. i really loved my primary job for a long time, but now it SUCKS. partially cuz i’m really overworked now [….as i type a blog on company time….] and not really getting any more $$, and partially because my boss is going senile, and partially because i am an aries and the universe punishes us if we EVER, for a second, let ourselves get complacent or rut-like or (gawd forbid) BORING. i don’t think my life is boring, but it’s certainly less exciting than it used to be. i am certainly challenging myself less & i think it is time to make an escape plan. not necessarily from this city, but definitely from this job.


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