i lost my glasses!


like, seriously. this morning i was changing shirts, so i could go to work. took off my glasses. put them somewhere. wandered into the bathroom in search of my bra. put it on, put on cleaner less stinky shirt, found hoodie on the floor. no more glasses! where are my glasses? where the fuck did i put my glasses? fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.
fortunately i am one step ahead of myself. and although i couldn’t remember where i’d placed my glasses 30 seconds before, i did remember where i put my old pair when i moved into this house six months ago, just in case something like this happened. they were waiting for me, patiently. they’re light & small. they make me look boring. i cut my hair so that it looked good with my big old glasses, and with these small subtle ones it looks fucking stupid. i feel crazy. i feel stupid. i feel like a goddamn dumbass.
i am working entirely too much and it’s making me nuts. i’m sure the ungodly amounts of sugar i have been consuming lately isn’t helping much either. saturday i finally get a day off, and i will hopefully be springboarding onto a new adventure.


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