hello ohio, hello ex-cons


cleveland was super-fun. i’ll write more about it when i have the pictures up. for now, i will say it was all about one really good drag show, one really bad drag show, giggling with leah, huge trees, huge meals, telling stories, etc. leah had to go build a set for the play she was in on saturday so i took the bus downtown by myself, read zines at the public library and then walked around in the sunshine, thinking about how much i love exploring new cities & how little i get to do that.
yesterday i came home. the on-board bus bathroom was smeared with shit and there were two men talking loudly about their stupid lives (“my boss, he’s, uh, how do you say, a real weirdo. he likes watching his wife have sex….with other WOMEN!”). i mostly sewed & listened to music & looked out the window & thought about all the lives i could be living. i wonder about you, ohio.
book ’em was really fun. there was a noted lack of domestic violence, just a whole bunch of new guys who were all really funny and nice. one tall awkward one said to me, with tears in his eyes, “thank you for doing this. it means so much; you don’t even know,” and it was really poignant and sweet and a reminder of why i do this; because i was really starting to doubt my commitment to the cause.
also another guy asked if i was a “goth chick” (while i was wearing bright colors & no makeup) & generally antagonized me (in a flirty way, not in a vicious way) until he found out that i’ve been doing this for 8 years. then he got really nice and friendly and when he left he yelled, “ocean! you a baaaaaaad mamma jamma!” and we slapped fives.
also, there were a whole bunch of earnest young anarchists upstairs listening to a talk about the uprising in bolivia. one of the cons was like, “is that an AA meeting up there?” and amanda said no and explained what it was. later, at the end of the talk, everyone clapped, and the same guy said, “oh, somebody musta earned a chip!” oh, bookem.

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