oh, hello again!


last night i dreamnt that aaron cometbus came to the zine reading i’m doing on friday and hit on me. he said, “i have to go to this lame-ass hardcore show, but the whole time i’ll be wishing that you were telling me your sweet weird little stories.”
i handed him my zine and said, “you can read this at the hardcore show; it’ll be like i’m there.”
he said, “why don’t you come to the hardcore show with me and then afterwards we can hump each other?”
i said, “let’s cut out the middleman and hump each other now!” so we walked to his house. he lived on negley ave. in pittsburgh and i felt awkward because i was wearing some sort of thing under my clothes that made me look like a big, muscley guy. i woke up feeling kinda crushy, which is weird, because i’ve never had a crush on aaron cometbus before, although i do love his zine.
hi, blog! it’s been a long time. mainly because i am very uninspired by, and bored with, the internet lately. also i am working myself to death. i just worked 22 days in a row and had one day off (spent with my sweet sweet boyfriend, riding our bikes all over pittsburgh and looking at dino bones at the natural history museum and running into nice people and eating cinnamon buns and cooking) and now i’m looking at 17 more days of work before i go to new york. sigh. maybe i’ll get one or two days off thrown in there but i am stressed out & see no end in sight unless i get fired from one of my jobs.
my 27th birthday was one of the best ones i’ve ever had, but i can’t think of an accurate summary.
this morning i got to work and my boss’ wife was struggling to open the door with the wrong key and was yelling a lot. my boss turned to me, when she wasn’t paying attention, and calmly said, “she’s a loon.” after i had opened the door with the correct key, and she stomped in, ranting and raving, he said, “she can’t seem to figure out how to correctly turn a key in a lock. other than that, she’s a fairly good woman. not a very good woman, but a fairly good one.”
one of my best friends is in the hospital and i have a bad feeling about it. i really hope i’m wrong.

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