oh my goodness! another ocean capewell walks the earth!


so i was googling my name without quotes (i normally google it with quotes) and came across this link:

in case you are too lazy to click it, it is the online social networking profile of a woman whose last name is capewell, and her baby is named ocean!!!!! of course, the baby could have its father’s last name. but it is entirely possible that it’s named ocean capewell!!!!!
so. fucking. weird. my last name is pretty unusual, i’ve never met anyone with it who is not directly related to me. and the idea that someone would name their baby ocean? with my last name? WHOA. my mind is officially blown!

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  1. Dude, you’re the ORIGINAL! I shall except no imitations.

    I came here to tell you of another imposter. Today, I was spammed by someone named Ocie Seashore, and it made me giggle a lot because I think you ought to take that name on for yourself.

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