cracking the code, pt. 2


on monday i was hanging out with my AMAZING middle-aged-butch-dyke, cranky-genius, cuban-refugee-via-ny-and-sf-turned-lawrenceville-homeowner, pino. we had a good, strange night hanging out, and in the course of that night, she was successfully able to define the term “hipster”! people are always struggling to define that term, but coming up short. nobody can quite put their finger on it. until pino.

“a hipster,” she proclaimed, “is somebody you don’t like.” then we shrieked with laughter. it’s so true!

sunday was my 5 year anniversary of quitting smoking. i would still do anything for a damn cigarette. well, obviously, i could just walk to the corner store right now and buy a pack. there’s nothing physically stopping me from doing it. but i can’t. maybe you know why & maybe you don’t.

last night i was going to go to bed in defeat but kelsey & amanda did a drop-in. one bad thing about the drop-in was that i left all manner of inappropriate shit laying around and i think they saw it all. sorry! but other than that it was good. we all cuddled in my hammock under the stars (i initially, accidentally, typed “stores”) and told stories about our day and i felt very loved and taken care of, both by them and the universe.


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  1. I used to get drunk and want to smoke but now I have some sort of biological problem where my throat closes up around smoking, so not even in the deepest of drunken episodes do I light up.

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