since i get enough hits for “bad tattoos” anyway…


so, it was a slow week at work, as my boss was at trial. luckily, one of my friends just started working here so we had lots of fun just goofing off on the clock. we came up with the idea to google “bad tattoos” and giggle at the skin carnage all over the internet.
here are the best tattoos i’ve come across in those long, lonely hours; and i humbly share them with you, dear readers.

and, the most bizarrely genius one of them all:

i want to be this person’s friend. and eat a tofu pup with them. the end.


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  1. the ‘guilty of being delicious’ belongs to a friend of mine up here in providence. and i’m from pittsburgh! you are probably within two or three degrees of eating tofu pups with him 🙂

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