last winter, amanda & i vowed not to hibernate & not to have a bad winter. we had the best winter ever. of course, i was swept up in the intoxication of a new love, which helped a lot.
what will this winter bring? i’m pretty nervous about 2010. even-numbered years tend to be bad. & 2009 was super-great, for the most part, which makes me think that i’m just gonna be punished again. there was this woman who won’t talk to me now but who taught me so much, and one thing she said to me, perched on the lid of the toilet in my old apartment in brooklyn, was: “not all happiness is punishable. you have to remember that.” & oh, i am trying. but i’m scared. because i know better.
i got some good zines in the mail over these past few days & i’m almost done with my latest zine. yay! it’s a split with a friend of mine in prison. i know what yinz are thinking — “prisoner zines suck”, “who is this weirdo?” etc, etc. but it actually came out really good, i think. and i’m excited to unleash it on the world. this dude and i used to be really tight. i’m significantly less enthused about him than i used to be. it’s okay, though, because we made a good zine & that’s enough.

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