manhattan is a cage


& i was just there. on long island now, on my sister’s computer. we are laughing at our mom’s crazed facebook status updates (i’m not on facebook, but i’m not above going on other peoples’ accounts once a month or so to giggle at mutual friends) (or, ya know, relatives).
anyway, here are some pictures.

this was in soho somewhere. cute. about three other peeps were taking pictures of it.

i haven’t smoked in over five years, but look at how expensive cigarettes in NYC are now!!! holy shit! that’s for a pack, not a carton (meaning a carton is over a hundred fucking dollars now)(in manhattan, i mean)

emily’s mom’s solution to her mouse problem! i laughed so much about this.

lauren classily drinking pelligrino at her job at babeland. she looks kind of like a waiter!

this aquarium was in a window in chinatown & there were so many fish & it was so intense, overwhelming and beautiful.

who knew rice had such a long & exciting history?

i went to penn station and met up with my dad. he isn’t looking too good. his face was all red and messed up from the cold (he’s a construction worker & usually works in the cold all winter) and when he sat down he kept groaning like he was in a lot of pain. he has some wounds that won’t heal. he had three beers as usual, and said, “i feel so bad, i don’t even know if i can drink!” which is what really got me worried. he did drink, but only two beers, which was most unusual.
anyway, the sunset over long island was so phenomenally beautiful. this picture is nowhere near close to how gorgeous it was.

and then immediately upon arriving at my dad’s house i found this insane picture of him and his wife in a snuggie on the refrigerator! OMG. my dad went to the doctor and apparently his feet are so bad that the doctor told him he needs to take at least a month off work. yikes. stressful. i just heard him say on the phone, “i’m offa work fuh the next month, so call me! we can compare notes on oprah, or something!”

not pictured: sitting in bluestockings for three hours, red bamboo with emily & sheena where we were penalized for being a triad in this couple-centric world, a vegan spelt cupcake at babycakes served by like five identically dressed counter people, frantically last minute shopping with jill and getting hysterical at the truly stupid presents i got for my dad & brother. yeah. so that’s xmas break ’09 thus far. oh, and my co-worker nate texted me and said that my boss threw out most of the things on and in my desk! including, possibly, my zine masters! grrrr. i’m so pissed off. but revenge will be mine soon (i hope!).

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