things i have been doing as of late.


because i don’t feel like writing a real post.

*hating my job
*obsessively listening to my boyfriend’s “born in the u.s.a.” cassette
*thinking about making several huge changes in my life
*but being kinda scared of it
*trying to relax & remember to let it be
*hanging out in neighborhoods i don’t normally hang out in
*thinking about making a pretty serious commitment to pittsburgh & to another person, in the form of real estate
*checking my credit online & accusing my mom of stealing my identity to open some credit cards (she didn’t actually, thank goodness, but it sure seemed that way for a minute)
*missing people but being too depressed to call them
*dorkily watching as many rick sebak documentaries on channel 13 as i can
*cooking giant stewing pots of chili
*spilling my lunch all over myself
*baking vegan cupcakes, of course
*seriously pondering blowing the whistle on my boss’ many scams
*handing out zines (i have a new zine out! let me know if you want one) and wondering what people think of them
*hanging out with 4/9ths of my housemates from 2001! wow.


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