oh, wait, i actually do have something to talk about.


so, as many of you know, i recently wrote a split zine with my good friend matt, who’s serving time in california. he wrote me a letter recently, after i sent him the first copy of our zine. he works in the main office in his prison, and saw the mail come in & saw a zine-shaped package from me. he was really excited to read it (even though he’d seen it all before it was laid out, it’s always exciting to hold it in your hands for the first time). but, of course, since he’s a prisoner, all his mail has to be inspected by a guard before he can read it.
prison guards, even at their nicest, are still assholes. and the guard on mail duty saw that he really wanted to see my package, so he took his time. he pulled the zine out and waved it in front of him. “what’s this?” he demanded. “a zine,” he said, and tried to explain. the guard sat in front of him and read it for a little while, and after about ten minutes, threw it in matt’s face, snarling something like, “this is fuckin’ weird,” or whatever.
anyway, he told me that most of the guards at his prison are familiar with me, because we write each other so often (at least once per week, usually more). he said, “some of them are polite and refer to you as ‘ocean’. the ones who aren’t call you ‘that weird girl,’ or ‘that emo chick.'” i wrote back and was like, “EMO!?!?! really??!!! why are they calling me that??” and he wrote back and tried to explain what emo is (of course, i already know what it is) but, since he’s in prison and has been for the past several years, wasn’t entirely sure what that meant.
so i looked up the famed “seventeen” magazine article, “am i emo?”

hee ha, does anyone remember this article? it came out about ten years ago. anyway, i was mildly disturbed to see how much the emo boy resembles me. oh no, what if the prison guards were right after all? that disturbs everything! everything i ever knew about the world!

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