i’m seriously having such a shitty day right now. a year ago today was fucking amazing, so i guess i can deal with the inverse. right? right!
i thought nate was gonna get fired & i was so pissed off about it that i said i’d quit in solidarity. when i told nate that, on the streetcorner, he hugged me and said “thank you!” in such a sweet way, but really, i am so fed up and ready to walk out anyway. but the workday got better, nate wasn’t fired, i didn’t make a pre-planned poignant speech about how my boss fucks over everyone & now it’s his turn to get fucked over. and my boss is flying to SF on friday, to be gone for a week! whoo hoo! the office will still be open if anyone wants to come visit.
also, my credit card got scammed (long story) & my ex-girlfriend sent me a totally unnecessary mean email. gentle reader, good luck trying to get a capricorn to take any responsibility for their fucked up shitty behavior. they lash out twice as hard. even the anarchists are machiavellian. they can’t take any suggestion that they aren’t perfect, even when they do things that any decent person recognizes as crappy. gentle reader, i would advise you to avoid dating members of this despicable sign altogether, if you can. i know, i know, sometimes they get you. i knew better going into this & i did it anyway.
am i being a judgemental astrology bitch right now? you bet. but i’m sure you would be too, if you were me, facing this particular set of circumstances and challenges. so, what the fuck ever.

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