pictures as of late!


my little sister came to visit me from new york and it was super fuuun. here we are crafting on my couch with heather, at craft night.

at some point in the evening, ray realized that he could make a tiny fake hamburger by smushing together some skittles.

heather and a fake hamburger! i love this god damn picture.

so, the next morning, jill, ray & i headed out to schenley park for a truly bizarre event that ray and i had heard of — mascot skate. pittsburgh is a town of strange, cute mascots, and they all convened to go ice skating. it was a truly bizarre experience.
below is my favorite mascot of all, the litterbug! you may recognize hir from all those posters at bus stops sternly warning you not to litter, because the litter bug is coming after you…or something. in real life, the litter bug is super cute!!

it was actually really crowded and zany, which is unusual for pittsburgh, which usually has a strange abandoned quality no matter what. but everywhere we went that day was really crowded, which prompted me to declare, “we have the most popular ideas in pittsburgh!”

and the next day we went to the museum of natural history to look at the dinos & whales. it was mostly uneventful. here is jill and a dino!

alyssa, jill & ray in the coatroom at the museum. i also really like this image.

jill looks on as sheeples grazes a paper bag. oh no, sheeples! don’t do it!

i feel like a giant nerd. surprise! i am a giant nerd.

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