thick snowflakes & angst.


hi everyone. i’m sad, i’m ending my second-to-last week at my job (believe me, it can’t end fast enough) and watching the gigantic snowflakes fall past my window. they’re really pretty. missing people that i can’t ever get back. you know.

since i have nothing to say that is appropriate for this forum, i will list the most hilarious google search terms that people have used to find this blog:

1. deep wounds that won’t heal on the butt
2. fucking a unicorn
3. i want in bla blah
4. “ocean capewell” ray [wtf? ray is my boyfriend’s name. are people stalking the amount of times i write about him or something?]
5. “favorite destiny’s child quote”
6. indecent
7. rainbow cupcake tattoo
8. dyke tattoos.

please enjoy the snowstorm. and thanks for reading.


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