my heart floats in the bay


hello everyone. i’m at the library, treating book-loving pittsburghers to a fine view of my buttcrack in a pair of ill-fitting-yet-comfy pants. it’s sunday. in 24 hours i’ll be back at work but for now i’m free, free, free as a bird. my life partner is somewhere in the depths reading harry potter & i’m just killing time until he’s done.
the knuckle tattoo for the weekend originally said “HOME WARD” because we were looking at a house for the second time & both had high hopes that it was gonna be our home. it’s not though–the roof is leaky & there’s no insulation & the strange 2-story shed in the backyard, which i’d hoped would be turned into a writing shed (just like jenny had on the L word!) seriously has the worst energy ever, feels like a site of a suicide or maybe even a murder, and is quite possibly lousy with termites. so, oh well, no home this time. i changed it to “HOME ALONE” in honor of the excellent 90’s movie.
i have a few things that i want to say but my blood sugar is awfully low & there’s no more cookies in the coffee shop here. damn! damn! damnit. perhaps i will wander the streets of oakland in search of some sugar; or maybe i will just wait.


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