& i’ve written pages upon pages just to rid you from my bones


here is what i’ve been doing lately: long slow walks at lunch around the weird neighborhood in which i work. it’s high up on a hilltop, too steep for bikes, full of rotting victorian mansions and one of the best views of the city. i wander slowly through the streets, trying to find a place to sit and read my book without looking creepy or like a target. i was so happy the other day when i found an abandoned concrete staircase that allowed me to remain hidden from the main road yet see everything around me. the staircase went down a steep hill that was covered with garbage, weeds and shit, but my little concrete slab was perfect, a little rust-spotted maybe, but i sat there for a long time and it made me happy, sitting in the sunshine for an hour so i can remind myself that there are other things in the world besides my depressing-ass job.
lately i’ve been reading on the lower frequencies: a secret history of the city by erick lyle and it’s a really inspiring read, especially sitting amidst these gorgeous urban ruins. it’s made me nostalgize being young and in a grittier city, made me wonder how i got to this strange settled-down place i am in now. if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. i’m not really sure, but i recommend that you read it (and if you’re in pittsburgh, i recommend borrowing it from me because the library doesn’t have it)


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  1. We must be on the same book reading frequency, because I just read that book, too! Definitely an inspiring read…somehow feels like spring to me.

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