outside of this car, the end of the world//weekend knuckle tattoos pt. 3


on friday i was on a crowded bus headed home. i had the joy of being sandwiched next to a bunch of buddies from a downtown law firm, and the double joy of sitting next to a very loud talker who had nothing interesting to say. he rehashed his nights at the bar, hangovers and naps to a woman next to him. suddenly, i knew what this weekend’s knuckle tattoo would be!

i drew it right then & there, on the bus, and then sat quietly with my fists in my lap, very visible. the people all around me got kinda quiet and stared at me. i don’t care, i really don’t. i am so fucking tired of listening to people talk and talk and talk about absolutely nothing. it was a great fake knuckle tattoo, and a great weekend too. that picture is of me, kelsey & ray fooling around with the imac at oh yeah! (which is an ice cream shop). i have a scarf over my face because i’m tired of looking like a frumpy man in every picture taken of me. after, we read lesbian erotica aloud, bemoaning the fact that every single story featured a blouse being sexily unbuttoned.
the next day featured a top secret spy mission i can’t really talk about on the internet just yet (but which i just, two minutes ago, got some VERY good news about!), and the day after that ray & i searched for highland park (the park, not the neighborhood) and failed to find it, but we wound up in this weird abandoned valley near the zoo. it was surrounded on all sides by houses, including one with a man blasting polish music and tanning. but where we were was half empty-space bulldozed trees and half thick forest & it was one of those spaces where the normal world feels so far away, when you feel like you’re the only people left in the whole entire world. and that was that. please talk less, listen more, be sincere and enjoy this nice weather.


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