since i get enough hits for “bad tattoos,” part deux


i seriously get like over 200 hits a month for “bad tattoos”, far more than anyone who actually wants to read anything i actually have to say. so what the hell, let’s do it again! everybody loves bad tattoos.

Kikkoman Monster
see more

all of these tattoos are taken from

oh, is it? nobody told me!

this really makes me mildly amazed at humanity in general.

also, this one. what’s this woman’s story? who is she? why? why?

branden, i am shocked that you don’t have this one yet!

what an excellent remedy for the classic dilemma of “i got someone’s name tattooed on me and then we broke up!”

this one just makes me sad.

and that’s all for now. i’m off to eat passover dinner with my boyf and his family.


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  1. the eyebrows are probably the worst tattoo i have ever seen!

    ocean what is your email so i can send you an invite to my blog? i had to make it private because the local councilor of my area was putting links to my postings on his blog and it made me uncomfortable!

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