a few random things…


first & foremost. a lot of you know that i was buying a house with my boyfriend. we were under contract & about to get a huge chunk of change to purchase this kinda-boring house that neither one of us felt passionately about, because it seemed like a good deal & our last chance to buy a dirt-cheap house in our rapidly-gentrifying neighborhood. well, this house has hella electrical problems & a possible softening foundation problem, & last night we decided–fuck it. we’re not gonna go into debt forever for a house that we don’t really love. we already have a house that we really love, and it’s my house that i live in now, so we’re gonna stay there. the knuckle tat for this weekend says RENT LIFE cuz i’m going to be living the rent life for a long, long time. maybe forever. i feel a little bad for wasting even more money on rent, but my rent is really cheap (& may soon be getting 50% cheaper) & i love my house so, so much. the idea of leaving it was tearing me up.
& honestly i’m getting really tired of pittsburgh. i don’t want to buy a house & make a commitment to HAVE to be here for 4-6 more years. the idea of being here for at least 4 more years is mildly horrifying to me. that said, i don’t have any immediate plans to move anywhere else. i don’t really know where i would go. i just wanna do something different.
i miss little things. i miss the amazing lemon-blueberry sorbet i had last summer in columbus, OH. i miss being a NYC lesbian with a shitty office job that was in the middle of an amazing neighborhood, & i could run out every afternoon to the post office and see a hundred amazing things. i hated it then, was miserable then, but now i work a shitty office job in a drab rotting neighborhood with nothing going on & no post office. there are some nice trees & some nice decaying victorian mansions. good views. but it isn’t what i need. it isn’t what feeds me.
yesterday at work, the highlight of my day was teaching a 60-something woman how to make a smiley face on her keyboard, you know, like this : ) [with a space so it won’t automatically turn into an obnoxious yellow smiley!]. it took her several tries. first she did this ; ) and then she did this :0 and then she finally got it and was so, so happy.
for some reason, it warms my heart that angsty teens still wear giant pants in this day & age. like, some things never change.


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  1. Oh Oshy. I am thinking of you, and I am thinking of moving to Pittsburgh, so I selfishly hope that you stay, but you’ve been there a long time and I (more than anyone, perhaps) understand the “urge for going” (as Joni Mitchell would say).

    Theresa had some pictures from the LaConcha reunion over New Year’s, and I noticed you were rocking the blue/green striped sweater I gave you awhile back. It made me smile. I hope you are well. I have a new address and will try to send you a letter from it soon!

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