birthdaze & internet boredom.


i turned 28 on saturday & it was pretty fun. ray & i ate tasty thai food & then a whole bunch of people i like came over. it was kind of accidentally a sixth grade birthday, as we wound up eating pizza & playing “girl talk” for about two hours, but it was so fun. this is the first birthday where none of my high school friends called me. we’ve all been tight friends since 1994. i’ve been away from new york for a long, long time now; it seems like this is confirmation that we’re growing apart & they don’t really care about me. hmm. kinda weird.

on another note, lately there has been absolutely nothing to do at work. most of the good websites are blocked so i’ve been trying to entertain myself with some pretty dire-straits type entertainment. yesterday i stooped to reading the craigslist rants-and-raves section; i was appalled at the racism and general stupidity. one post (which has since been taken down) had the subject line “dam burritos” and the text simply said, “i’m gonna eat a burrito, take a huge obama and wipe my michelle reeeealll good.” i was like, what?!? that may be one of the stupidest things i’ve ever read in my life. & just having a thought like that is bad enough, but posting it on craigslist?
i wondered if it’s just a pittsburgh thing, so i looked at the new york city craigslist rants-n-raves. now, i should have known better, having been a longtime resident of the NY metro area, but the first post i saw was this, which is funnier and less racist but no less poop-obsessed or bizarre.

remember in the early-to-mid 90’s when the internet was heralded as some sort of intellectual breeding ground? the information superhighway? remember that? ha!


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