you tell them tough guys we tougher than tough times.


so, i co-opted my boyfriend’s camera (because i foolishly, foolishly sat on mine months ago and have been unable to take any pictures) and i have some pictures of some fun things that have happened. because there have been some really fucking cool things mixed in with the angsty.

like the freakin’ mayday parade! this picture is of a beautiful mermaid float/puppet that somebody made. really, the parade was so damn good, a bunch of freaks marching through polish hill, which is already a magical neighborhood. i don’t know, the energy was just so damn good that i took my shirt off.

my good friend alyssa joined me in shirtlessness. i fucking love public spaces that feel safe enough to take my damn shirt off. of course, it wasn’t really safe, several dudes looked at my rack in a gross way, so i put my shirt back on. hmph. but all in all it was fucking amazing.

and last weekend was so good too. ray & amanda & i roadtripped to buffalo, which is a charming city and so close to canada that it inspired me to get my passport! (as a sidenote, on my passport application i wrote “allegheny cunty” under my employer (my employer’s true name is allegheny cOunty), and giggled to myself forever. i really hope that whatever hapless government employee types my passport info [girlfriend, i hear ya] either doesn’t catch the “error” or else chuckles and doesn’t care and puts it on there.)
whilst in buffalo, amanda & i rode the world’s best bike. here i am embedding this blog’s first ever video because ray took a video of us instead of a picture and, well, it must be seen to be believed! it’s sideways, sorry, but still pretty fucking amazing.

oh, i swore i’d never embed a video on this blog. anyway, this bike is officially called the “sociable” and apparently was popular on victorian dates. it’s also a great conversation starter in 2010; people just can’t help but talk to you when you clamber along, giggling hysterically, on a bike like that.

on the way home we stopped in meadville, pa, at amanda’s “favorite tourist attraction”:

the art program at a local college somehow got ahold of a lot of spare PENNDOT signs and this is the result. fucking amazing.

ray & i seriously never get tired of taking pictures of him in front of things that say “trans”. this is right next to the meadville thing.

on that note, look at this totally crazy graffiti we found on a boxcar in maryland a few months ago! neither one of us wrote this, we just found it!!

also here are all four heart shaped ‘za tattoos together 4 ever! okay, i’m done.


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