wow, these past two weeks have been fucking ke-razy. literally the best and worst moments of 2010 thus far. i’m an aries & i love rollercoaster-ish emotions, even though the bad parts were so fucking bad, the good parts were amazing. such a relief after the unrelenting boredom & mediocrity of this year.
i rolled up to toronto with a carload of dykes & one sweet tranny. i cried a lot in a bathroom diner in buffalo cuz i was having issues with the aforementioned sweet tranny, but then a poignant postcard in the postsecret book set me on the right track. roadtrips are relevatory. had a lot of good conversations with everyone in the car. we made each other laugh a lot.
when we got to the border the border guard asked what brought us to canada. ali said, “gay pride” and he said, “oh, yes, the parade is tomorrow. and the dyke march is going on today–” at which point we giggled, because it was so weird to hear this square border dude say dyke. “well, that’s what they call themselves!” he proclaimed to us, as if we didn’t know.
toronto itself was a whirlwind, every day took weeks it seemed, just crammed so goddamn much into 48 hours. pride was fun and surprisingly not that corporate, i bumped into my old pal amos for the first time in years, tried to see cyndi lauper but couldn’t, did yoga in the park, had a threesome (i’d love to expand more on this but i can’t due to the public nature of this blog. but if you’re my friend in real life & you want to hear the deets, feel free to ask, it’s actually a really funny story), ate some really damn good cheesecake, worked shit out with my love, saw candy and kelly (who are the funniest drag queens that hang out at my fave bar in pgh. they were so excited to see us! it was sweet). and now i am back in pgh and feeling ready to take my life in a more positive direction. i’m gonna quit my damn job soon, soon, i promise. just gotta save a few more bucks and make a few more student loan payments, and then i’ll be good, i’ll be alive again. this trip reminded me that i am still alive, even with this motherfucking job, even with everything else. still got a heart beating within me, still got good things to say, still have people who think i am fun and sexy and worthwhile. and oh, did i ever need a reminder.


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