today has just really been kind of endless.


dear oshy,
seriously, what the fuck is your problem? you’ll rant about how stupid and evil facebook is at the drop of a hat. so why the hell did you spend all day looking at people via your boyfriend’s facebook? did you really need to find pretty much every girlfriend you’ve ever had & judge their lives? no. no you didn’t. now go to bed, before you get carpal tunnel syndrome.

love, ocean

um, okay. in case it isn’t obvious, i’ve hardly slept all week (haven’t made it to bed before 1 am, and i get up at 6:45 every morn) and i’ve been alone with the internet all day. or, actually, a few hours, but it feels like all day. my lover’s out of town and i thought i’d get all this stuff done without him. but. it’s so hot. so i have an excuse to do stupid internet things and not move. i joined tumblr, if anyone cares. i can’t quite figure out how to use it, even though it’s supposedly really easy, and i may delete it soon. whatever. i also finally took pictures of my new tattoos:

they are an image from the super-trippy childrens’ book arm in arm by remy charlip. this book kind of means a lot to me in this weird way that i can’t even explain. plus it’s super interesting. if you click on that link you can look inside the book & even see the artwork where my tattoos originally appeared. i like cute things and even though these are the most meaningless, least-thought-out tattoos on my body, it makes me happy to look down and see two smiling hearts on my arm every day.

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